Apple iPhone 14 pro max release date : Truth FOR REAL?

Apple iPhone 14 pro max release date USA

After the worldwide success of Apple’s iPhone series, Apple thinks of launching iPhone 14 by late 2022. Well, there are rumors about the date by September or October of 2022. iPhone 14 Pro Max is considered as most premium and featured smartphone. But there will lot of leaks so no surprise remains until the official release, let’s make a cross finger and wait for the official one. following important topics in this Apple’s iPhone release date in the USA, Price, look, colors, and many specifications we will look at below.

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Apple iPhone 14 pro max release date USA

In spite of our best efforts to predict when Apple will launch the iPhone 14 and its advanced iPhone 14 pro max even after coming across multiple rumors that confirmed our anticipated September 13 launch date it now appears to be earlier. Till the first and second week of September is suspicious to launch iPhone 14 version including iPhone 14 pro max for that all are waiting curiously and after the launch, it will be available on sale within a, hang on and wait for your dream iPhone 14. Apple launched iPhone 14 line with the following key features with price inclusive.

What are the colors of the iPhone 14 pro max

Apple iPhone pro max colors

Is it possible that as per rumors and leaks iphone14 will come in starlight, blue, midnight, product red, and with new purple color? As it can be considered for Iphone14 Max? On another site, iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14pro max with the possibility of colors are silver, gold, graphite, with new purple(Possibly) (as per rumors)

iPhone 14 pro max amazon 

Amazon is the biggest seller of all phones. for iPhone especially after apple, store amazon is considered the worldwide biggest seller of apple. even after iPhone 13 line launched, apple’s sales on amazon within a week are on the boom. well, it is a rumor that after the launch of the iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max, iPhones as available for sale on amazon within a  week. even you know amazon is launching smartphones with a discounted price than others, so you can buy iPhone amazon normally and even with a selling price too. for that go and checkout

iPhone 14 pro max concept

iPhone 14 pro max has a variety of features even you can call it like a box of gift with alot unconsiderable features. Beginning with the design of the iPhone 14, rumors say apple launched it with major design changes specifically at the front, maybe a notch this time. It will have a similar boxy appearance as its predecessor. It will have a similar boxy appearance as its predecessor. Apple launches it with a promotion display with a refresh rate of around 120 Hz. With a similar-sized display as its predecessor and with exact resolution.

iPhone 14 pro max pink 

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Leaks said that Apple’s iPhone 14 pro max launches in pink color, especially for girls. it is considered that due to the pink color iPhone sales may be boosted like girls can buy it, their dad/boyfriend/brother can gift them pink colored iPhone 14 pro max.

iPhone 14 pro specs and iPhone 14 pro max specs

Brand:        Apple.Inc

Model:        iPhone 14, iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 pro max (iPhone 14 Line)

Price :         iPhone 14 pro max : $1,099 (Rumour)

Display:      6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display

Processor:   Apple A16 Bionic

Storage :     128GB/256GB/512GB

Security:   Face lock, Finger lock

Battery:    4350mAh (Non-removable)

Refresh rate:  120Hz

3G:          Supported

4G:          Supported

5G:         Supported

Release date: First or second week of September.

iPhone 14 pro max price in the USA 

How much is the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the US?

In their September 2022 event, Apple is most likely to introduce the iPhone 14 Pro Max and other iPhone 14 series smartphones.

The base 128GB edition of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is anticipated to cost $1,099 in the USA. Price for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max in the USA is anticipated to be $1,099 at basic, with the gradual increase in the size of storage price with also increases.

5 things you should know about iPhone 14 Pro Max 

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max Release date in the USA

         : Apple’s next iPhone is to be announced in September.

  • In which color iPhone 14 Pro Max?

          : Midnight, Starlight, Sky Blue, Red, Purple, Green (possibly)

  •  iPhone 14 pro max price in the USA

          : iPhone 14 pro max price is $1,099, as expected

  • iPhone 14 pro max 256 GB price in the USA

          : iPhone 14 pro max price is $1,19, as per leaks

  •  iPhone 14 pro max purple

         : Still, it is a rumor that apple launching iPhone 14 pro max in purple color, but it can be only open to see after the official launch.

The next iPhones are likely to be launched in September. The next iPhones are rumored to be launched in September.

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