Is Popeyes Halal in the US & Canada? 2022

Is popeyes halal? Can halal consumers enjoy one of the top fast food companies in the world’s renowned Classic Chicken Sandwich and Signature Chicken Box? We at Halalrun will provide you with the information that thousands of Muslims desire to know. A 100% halal menu is available at Popeyes in Muslim nations like the UAE! Chicken from Popeyes Canada is halal-certified.

For verification, each restaurant has a halal certificate. Many more halal-certified goods, like gravy and marinades, are available in restaurants throughout Canada.

Additionally, items and components are carefully examined to make sure they don’t include alcohol or pork products. Canola oil is utilized for frying at every Popeyes site in Canada. In its Stratford location, Popeyes UK serves chicken that has been certified halal.

Is popeyes halal?

“At our Stratford restaurant, all of our chicken is halal, and our halal certification from the Halal Monitoring Board will be on display at our establishment.” Source. The company says nothing about halal in any of its other UK sites, though. In the USA, not every Popeyes restaurant serves chicken that has received halal certification.

A halal menu is available for Muslims in a few Muslim-owned restaurants in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. For a list of halal restaurants in the US, see the link in the section below the description. Customers should thus make sure that halal food is offered at each Popeyes restaurant.

Having stated that, Popeyes USA has verified the following: Pork is used in the gravy in US restaurants. Ingredients originating from pork may be found in both gravy and red beans & rice (pork, gelatin, lard, etc.).

So, how about the halal judgment? Popeyes provides halal-certified chicken at all of its stores in Canada.

Other menu items, including gravies, marinades, rice, and beans, are also halal-compliant. Popeyes provides halal cuisine at select locations across the United States. It is advisable to ensure that halal options are available at each venue. Only their Stratford location in the United Kingdom claims to provide halal-certified chicken. There is no mention of a halal menu at the other Popeyes restaurants in the UK. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen provides 100% halal cuisine in Muslim nations.

Obviously, there are many non-meat foods on Popeyes’ menu that halal watchers can consume, such as their beverages (such as mango lemonade and iced tea), desserts (such as cinnamon apple pie), and sandwiches (such as grilled cheese sandwiches).

Popeyes offers a variety of non-meat dishes that halal adherents can eat, including drinks (such as mango lemonade and iced tea), desserts (including cinnamon apple pie and chocolate beignets), and sides (such as their cole slaw and fries).

Friends, keep in mind that as things change all the time, you should always check the restaurant’s halal status personally. Last but not least, if you found this video useful, please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and give it a like! The best resource for finding halal restaurants in North America is HalalRun. For information on more than 13,000 halal eateries in 2,000 cities, visit We are available to help you.

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