ON First Date, What Movies Should We Watch together

 ON First Dating, What Movies Should We Watch Together 

On the first date, what movies should we watch together? Big excitement or big question? Well, dating is that excitement where your heartbeat goes on pick when you are with your partner. But, calm down we are here for you. Nowadays OTT platform makes it comfortable to spend time on dates with a partner rather than in theaters crowded with people. 

Sometimes choosing the right movie to watch on a date makes your date half successful. We’ll suggest you top 10 movies you should watch on date night with a partner comfortably so you can spend time romantically. “Netflix” is the best option to watch movies on a date as it has a lot of genres “Romantic” is one of them. Another substitute for Netflix is Amazon prime.

Romantic movies watch in 2022 to on Netflix 

On a very first date with your loved ones.

When Harry Met Sally

Courtesy: – Netflix 

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal starring movie “When harry met sally” is the best option for date night movies if you graduating or passed out graduate. The story inside itself is romantic where Harry (billy crystal) and Sally(Megan Ryan) meet after graduation from the University of Chicago and shares their journey together to New York. This film is interesting because it follows the through their lives as they each seek love but continually find each other instead. 

That’s Amor

Courtesy: – Netflix 

Riley Dandy and Isaac Gonzalez Rossi star in this delicious rom-com movie that will blow your mind, why? After losing of job and relationship Sofia (Riley dandy ) started all from scratch. Then she found hot and dashing Spanish chef Matias. Who might be her missing ingredient? Directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino, the movie ” That’s Amor” is a complete blend of romantic and comedy movies.

Love & Gelato (2022)

Courtesy: – Netflix 

Based on the best-selling novel by Jenna Evans Welch, Love & Gelato is an adorable rom-com sure to appeal to Emily in Paris fans or anyone just looking for a lighthearted watch. The movie follows Lina (Susanna Skaggs) as she ventures to Rome the summer before heading off to college. The film employs many beloved tropes of the genre – love triangles! Insta-love! An endlessly supportive bestie! – making it as sweet as its name. Bonus points for the beautiful cinematography showcasing Italy. – Taylor Gates

A Whisker Away

Courtesy: – Netflix 

A whisker is a cute movie about a girl who gets converted herself into a cat using a mask to be with her crush. Miyo “Muge” Sasaki is an odd second-year junior high girl who is in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. Muge relentlessly follows Kento every day, but he pays no attention to her. Nonetheless, Muge loves Kento while bearing a secret she cannot reveal to anybody. Muge discovers a magical mask that enables her to shift into Taro, a cat. Muge’s power allows her to be close to Kento, but it may eventually block her from transforming back into a human.


Courtesy: – Netflix 

The film begins with Lara Jean Song-Covey (Lana Condor) daydreaming about approaching her old buddy Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard) in a field before her younger sister Kitty (Anna Cathcart) arrives to jolt her out of it and go hang out with her.
Lara Jean Covey sends letters to all of her former loves, but they are just for her eyes. Until one day, when all of her prior loves get all of her love letters. Her life is quickly turned upside down as her previous loves confront her one by one.

TO ALL THE BOYS: P.S I Still Love You

Courtesy: – Netflix 

Cast Lara Jean meets Kitty (Anna Cathcart) and their father Dan (John Corbett) for a Korean family vacation in commemoration of their mother. Haven (Julie Tao), the girls’ cousin, is astonished to learn that Lara Jean has a boyfriend and that she was the female in the film making out with Peter in the hot tub. Lara Jean discovers a letter from one of her past crushes, John Ambrose McClaren, when the family returns home (Jordan Fisher). She is horrified that he received the letter, but she is even more mortified that he responded.

365 Days: This Day (2022)

Courtesy: – Netflix 

Laura and Massimo have returned, and they are stronger than ever. The lovers’ lives are complicated by Massimo’s family connections and a mystery figure fighting for Laura’s heart. Following the inter-mafia fight, Laura and Massimo try to put their lives back together. The lovers’ lives are complicated by Massimo’s familial ties and a mystery figure competing for Laura’s heart.

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