Fans "so confused" by Madonna's 'New Face' at Grammys 2023

Grammys Event celebrated on sunday 6th Feb, 2023

Madonna’s Grammys 2023 look stunning of a blazer with a matching skirt, but it was her ‘new face’ that made an impression on fans.

Currently Madonna's age is 64.. but she still look young ....

This might be reason of controversy of her plastic surgery 

She wore a structured corset blazer with a tightly buttoned white shirt and tie, paired with a pleated floor-length skirt

Her hair was styled into two braid rings

One of her fan said: "There really was no reason. She was going to age beautifully. She’s always been beautiful"

Although she accepted in 2012 that she is friendly to some medical assistance, she is "absolutely against having to discuss it, by one report.