New Hampshire's summit of Mount Washington dropped to minus 108 F, certainly the lowest ever recorded.

the lowest wind chill ever measured in the United States since meteorologists started measuring wind chills

The wind chill on January 22, 1885, could have been as low as minus 108 degrees Fahrenheit

according to wind chill reconstruction based on historical records at Mount Washington.

Mount Washington experienced gusts of 97 mph on Friday night 

and a temperature dip to - 46 degrees F.

Acadia National Park on Maine's Cadillac Mountain experienced a severe wind chill of minus 62 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday night

 At least five counties in Maine reported wind chills between negative 31 F and minus 61 F.

The region received a blast of Arctic air just as a storm system

over the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador rapidly intensified,