Why was the earthquake in Turkey and Syria so bad?

The earthquake is around of 7.8 magnitude which is consider in sever category

Experts ( Seismologist) said there may be more than 100 km break down between anatolian and arabian plates

The epicentre was about 26 km east of the Turkish city of Nurdagi at a depth of about 18 km on the East Anatolian Fault

It is moving towards northeast and way to destroy central turkey and syria.

Till now there were only three earthquakes registered above 6.0 magnitude

More than 2,400 kills noted in Turkey and Syria due to this devastated earthquake

Eleven minutes after the initial earthquake, the area was hit by a 6.7-magnitude aftershock.

A 7.5-magnitude quake came hours later, followed by another 6.0 spasm in the afternoon.

After the deadly 1822 event, aftershocks carried on into beginning of this year.

Earthquakes of similar magnitudes in populated areas have killed thousands of people. Nepal's 7.8-magnitude earthquake in 2015 claimed nearly 9,000 lives.