What are the quick meaning of these slang in Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app where people can share their feelings in form of stories and snap clicks and even chat too. And with the recent amazing update of 24 hrs, chat history users can watch chat for 24 hours whereas before there are two options “Recently delete” and “24 hrs chat “. Well, users also can save chats via the save option forever. 

In today’s digital and quick world most people uses slang and abbreviations to communicate and the percentage of using it is often seen in teenage. Even Snapchat has most of its users from teenage groups, so it is an obvious chance to use short languages or whatever they called “slang”.

meaning of slang in “Snapchat”

Let us checkout for the following slang for quick 

NFS means text Snapchat

NFS means on Snapchat “Not funny sh*t”

“NFS text meaning on Snapchat is “Not funny sh#t. This is commonly used to react on someone’s replay like it ain’t funny at all. The purpose of using it is if someone makes a joke about something. Then in return, you can react with the reply of NFS ” Not funny sh#t”. This is often used in an offensive situation.

What are the other meanings of NFS on Snapchat?

Well NFS acronym has different meanings too as per like way of use. Perhaps Sure isn’t the right match for the NFS acronym, you can surely use it to mean anything different. Other possible meanings for the acronym NFS include:

  • No F*cks Sake
  • Not First Sight 
  • Not For Sure
  • Need For Speed
  • Not Fully Specified
  • Network Facilities Services
  • Network File System
  • Nothing For Sure  
  • Not For Sale
  • No Free Source 

Some examples of NFS

How to use NFS on Snapchat

There are several methods to utilize these acronyms in your daily life, and we will highlight a few of them.

  • I’m looking for NFS.
  • The facts are NFS!
  • This is a serious NFS!
  • There is certainly NFS!
  • This linen is NFS!

Pu meaning Snapchat

“Pu” meaning in Snapchat is: POP UP

It is used when one of your friends, loved ones, or any family member has texted “PU” to you on Snapchat chat which means “POP UP”. Well, it’s not bounded only to Snapchat it can be also used on any other social media platform.

What pop-up means actually

Well, Pop up also has meaning to go upstairs or meet somewhere but in the case of Snapchat, it is often used for that person who wants you or anyone to text them. Is it hard to understand, fine? Let’s get some examples quick.

“It’s getting really boring, someone PU! me”

SCM meaning Snapchat

SCM meaning in Snapchat is “SNAPCHAT ME”

What does SCM on Snapchat mean? The phrase “SCM” on Snapchat is essentially an online slang that means “Snapchat Me.” The slang is typically used to propose that the recipient of the message text the originator of the message back on Snapchat or share some Snaps or some Selfies with him. If you receive the message “SCM,” it signifies the sender wants you to share your snaps with them or communicate with them.

HMU meaning Snapchat

HMU word is for the abbreviation of “Hit me up”. It is not commonly used on Snapchat only it is also used on social media like Instagram and TikTok, which is used when you post anything on social media and looking for someone to reach you or get in touch with me. Like it is often used in advertisements where you can see “hit me up”.

Snap me meaning on Snapchat

It is a commonly used word in Snapchat conversations. Snap me meaning on Snapchat is to tell someone to send the snap to you. It is probably used in the case when you introduce someone and wants to see how he/she looks for that purpose this slang is used.

Sb meaning Snapchat

Like, snap me “Sb” is also commonly used slang. Sb meaning in Snapchat is snapback. Like this is used when you send snap someone and wanted their snap back to you at that scenario “sb” is used. If someone receives an SB from a Snapchat user, it signifies the person wants you to respond with a Snap.

Gms meaning Snapchat

Gms meaning in Snapchat is “Good morning streak”. It is used for a basic snap that someone used to send in the morning. Most use it to keep their streak list keep going and show friendship bonds with snap streaks. Sometimes someone just sends a blank screen and “GM” text on it, it is considered a good morning streak. Well, others are also called Good morning snap which is a similar meaning to good morning streak.

Asl meaning Snapchat

Asl stands for Age, sex, and location. Well, it is used as an introductory when you ask introduction from someone. It is not used only on Snapchat but also used in many social messaging platforms like omgle and monkey. It is used like just when you add someone to chat then just send them “asl” then he/she will reply you their age, sex (male/female/bisexual),  and location preferably from your country you belong.

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