What is clean girl aesthetic : what is its meaning

What is the ‘clean girl aesthetic’? & What is clean girl aesthetic meaning?

Recently, you all have seen “clean girl aesthetic” trend on the TikTok but don’t have idea about is what is clean girl aesthetic does means. Well, this can be considered as the trend which comes from “model off-duty” and “no makeup-makeup” looks and includes looking completely cleaned and put together. Generally, the clean girl’s makeup consisting fluffy eyebrows, glowy skin, flushed cheeks and shiny lips. It looks like exactly look like makeup even you are not wearing makeup – just look perfect like makeup.

This is all what clean girl aesthetic look like :




Clean girl aesthetic look like | Image by google – Pinterest

2.   How do you become a clean girl aesthetic?

        It is easy to being clean girl aesthetic and hard to maintain the consistency of path toward aesthetic. An aesthetic girl makes her life balance together – the aesthetic includes having clean living space, keep themselves active, proper with their work and eating healthy meals. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram is full of tutorials – how to be clean aesthetic girl, how to achieve specify “clean girls” looks, how to maintain nails, hairs and which are non-harmful makeups to achieve clean girl aesthetic. Apart from self-aesthetic they also give tutorials on how to keep your living space, bedroom, storeroom, kitchen, apartment aesthetic. These days there also a lot pages providing fashion regarding dressing sense and matching sets you should wear while going out and even in your space. Some of celebrity, models made inspiration to manage “no makeup-makeup” look i.e., Hailey Bieber Zoe Kravitz, Lori Harvey, Victoria Barbara, Michelle Rothenburger.

        On another hand we should also keep in mind that girls at the foreground of this trend aren’t exactly being realistic. Some hidden reason that the “no makeup-makeup” looks so pretty on them, and hidden reason is that expensive skincare, beauty products and treatments. There are some beauty things such as simple gold jewelry, cute loungewear, candles and claw clips.


3.   What is the clean girl makeup look?

The following are different sides to excellence on the social media platforms right now: OTT (over-the-top), maximalist cosmetics and no cosmetics looks means no-makeup makeup, otherwise called the “clean Girl aesthetic”.

Now, without wasting time lets go to tips for clean girl aesthetic as follows:

1.      Skin-care aesthetic:

It is obvious to take care about skincare aesthetic in their carbon increasing days. Should make routine to keep your skin natural healthy and glowing.  Major tip behind look of your glowy and health skin is hydration keep yourself hydrated it is too worthy advice.                                                                                                                                                                 There are a couple of key advances you’ll maintain that should do before makeup.

·        Wash face gently.

·        Use cleansing pads to remove dead skin cells and debris on skin

·        Cleansing pad should include mixture of lactic and glycolic acids to remove dull away.

·        After that, use hyaluronic serums and light weight moisturizer. First use thinnest and then go for thickest.  This will help you to avoid horrible pilling effect and helps you to makeup smoother.

·        End with sunscreen protection factor (SPF).


2.      Hair care:

Healthy and shiny look hairs make you attractive and special in throng. Apart from this it will looks awesome in your selfies even.

·        Use hair mask and later apply hair serum after dry

·        Blow hairs using air dryer.



3.     Glow on face:

·        To identified as clean girl aesthetic you should have flushed cheeks and a sun-kissed glow that’s the intrinsic part .

·        Use blush and Bronzer.


4.      Time to finishing touch:

·        Brows

·         Lashes

·         Gloss

·        Mascara



5.      What is clean girl fashion?

·      Clean girl fashion also works with simple look dress with having neutral matching colors. But being clean girl fashion is like battle for clothes because – Style is important to clean girl aesthetic like pair of jewelry, like neckless, earrings, sleek pony, matching color of nails as outfits. Its like how you look beautiful and stunning with using minimum things.


6.      Clean girl aesthetic problematic:

Clean girl aesthetic was trending on TikTok. In  which many tiktokers shown tutorial for being clean girl aesthetic following with clean and simple beauty routine featuring minimal makeup like, dewy skin and fluffy eyebrows, hairstyle. But later that’s trend goes in wrong way, and there is another trend made by tiktokers like full face makeup. This is start of controversy and clash between “clean girl aesthetic” and “dirty girl aesthetic”. Amongst this trend drama all  Sam Gomez went viral on fight opposing trend “clean girl aesthetic”.


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