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Why is the FAFSA website slow – reasons and solution 2022

Everyone is complaining that the FAFSA website is too dang sluggish. FAFSA WEBSITE SLOW – reason and solution.

Not only does it take a long time for pages to load, but it also has glitches, such as arbitrarily refreshing the page or sending you to an empty page when you click a link. Its slowness has a rather clear cause.

Since everyone is trying to check information on the FAFSA website at once, the servers simply can’t handle the volume of requests they are receiving.

Therefore, in order to avoid problems on the FAFSA website, you should visit it between the hours of 5 and 6 am. At that time, there are significantly fewer visitors, so you won’t experience any difficulties using it. Since the government should be responsible for fixing this situation, there are sadly no alternative options, hence no adjustments will be made.

If you tried the FAFSA website in the morning, please share your thoughts in the comments on whether it improved your experience or not. I wish you success with that and I’ll see you later, real…

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FAFSA WEBSITE SLOW – troubleshooting reason and solution

Troubleshooting Guide for Federal Student Aid Not Accessible
Try one of the following alternatives if you can access the site but not the page:

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